Staging Your Mountain Cabin to Sell

Step 1: View Your Cabin Through A Buyer’s Eyes.

This change in perspective will enable you to make helpful changes, like removing personal clutter. Do you have a spectacular stone fireplace? Then be sure buyers notice it, not your nesting doll collection atop the mantel. Is your great room spacious? Then highlight the room’s size by removing unnecessary furniture. Though you may feel reluctant to box up your photos or that handy reading lamp from college, this de-cluttering allows buyers to focus on the cabin itself, not your belongings.

Step 2: Market Your Home As A Mountain Escape.

Second homes (such as cabins) serve a specific purpose: They are escapes—escapes from stifling cubicles, ho-hum subdivisions, and congested interstates. These buyers seek outdoor adventure, so your cabin needs to reflect that desired lifestyle. Your cabin’s accessories should evoke thoughts of nature and wildlife. Using fishing baskets for storage or hanging vintage snowshoes on the wall, for example, can remind buyers that this cabin embodies their dream lifestyle.

Step 3: Highlight Your Cabin’s Rustic Charm.

Cabins epitomize coziness. Safe havens in the wild outdoors, they glow with firelight and invite you to rest from your long day’s hike. To achieve this welcoming warmth, decorate your cabin with earth tones. From your wall color to your accent pillows, choose colors and fabrics in rich shades of brick, denim, beige, gold, terra cotta, or black. Next, be sure buyers can admire your cabin’s wood floors or beams. A final way to add rustic charm is to incorporate wrought iron curtain rods or lamp base.

Follow these three staging and decorating tips and you’re sure make your cabin more appealing to a wide range of buyers.

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